We Are Revolutionaries

We are a team of leading experts that will go the extra mile to support you.

How We Got Started

Trayz essays started in a modern University in the UK and the Caribbean. As  graduates we realised the difficulty students faced on a day-to-day basis with their studies. Thus, compassion and understanding is what we exercise towards students when guiding them. The latter motivated the decision to start an essay writing service that is trustworthy. A service that puts students first, A service that does not treat students like a transaction. We listen to our students, we encourage them where it’s needed, our prices are affordable, we make the necessary sacrifice to make sure that all their deadlines are met and we provide one to one service if needed. Being knocked down many times in life doesn’t mean that one should stay down, but instead use the same platform to cultivate hidden talents.

Our Vision

To provide reasonable prices for students, strong support and to build reliable services where students can feel confident that they will get nothing but the best service from us.

Our Strength 

We listen to students, we value them, we support them and we guide them along their educational journey.

Our Team

We have a team of leading experts that will go the extra mile to support you. Our writers are experts and they are qualified in their areas of study. They were once students thus they understand the need for quality and that is exactly what we provide for our students.